Little planets in the wire

I’m hopeful that we’ve solved the mystery of the tripping RCD. The cable we bought second-hand has a big frayed section about 3 metres from one end. It’s only the outer casing that’s been stripped off, and the armour is intact, but it doesn’t look great. When I first wired up the cable I took a punt on leaving it there – right now it’s sitting on the collar barge, insulated on a pile of rope. When I picked it up on Tuesday night to take a closer look, the breaker popped immediately. So now my working theory is that whatever cataclysm caused the fraying in the first place also damaged the core itself, and one of the lines is sufficiently broken that occasionally something moves just right and poof, out goes the power. Backing this up is the fact that after this test, I now can’t get the power to stay on at all. Whoops. This afternoon is my next opportunity to fix the problem.

Melissa went down to the mooring today to meet our rope delivery. 220 metres of 40mm rope is now ours to replace the shonky canal-strength ropes Hendrik came with. She had a few other things to do on board but had to abandon them because it was low tide and there was no way to get onto Hendrik – we’ve been stepping across our neighbours’ barge (who have been lovely about having us and assorted friends tramping over their roof and occasionally clattering it with our steel gangway) but they’ve now moved downstream another 20 feet or so, opening up our final berth alongside one of the collar barges. High tide is around 3:30pm so I’ll try and reel us in a bit then.

It’s particularly fortunate that we’re in our final berth for this weekend because this is when we’re moving aboard. Well, with no heat, almost no hot water, nowhere to put a double bed and no working showers it seemed like the ideal time. We’re anticipating a bank holiday zombie nightmare B&Q session to rectify the shower at least. We have a van for three days so we might take the chance to distribute a few canoes at the same time.

- posted by James O'Brien on 5 April 2007, 11:35 in