Off the Rails

I don’t think I posted about it initially (perhaps I was waiting until the job was completed?) but sometime last Spring I took it upon myself to repaint the badly chipped and ugly blue railings on the front deck to a nice, shiny black. But I got as far as prepping and painting the first coat on the starboard side when I got ill and was under strict orders not to be around volatile chemicals, so the railings had been left half done (as my mom painted the second coat on that side) since then.

But the chipped, blue railings on the port side were really bothering me, so during our brief non-quiet hours on a Saturday morning, I got fully suited up in a boilersuit, old shoes, thick rubber gloves, face mask, and goggles, and wire brushed all the surface rust and paint chips off the railings. Then I wiped them down, and got 1 1/2 coats through with black satin finish Hammerite before running out. After a brief break to restock, the port railing now looks as good as its twin!

Short black railingsLong black railingsBlack railings - head on

It feels SO good to finally finish a project I started before I got sick! Triumph!

And you can see how nice it looks next to some of my salad (and baby corn, thanks to Rachael) in the planters James built for me:

Happy salad and corn

I don’t like to admit it, but there was a bit of a deadline I was working towards (I like to think I can get on with things because WE want them done!), because a BBC film crew came out on Wednesday to film Nigel Slater and myself and James picking various herbs and vegetables around the moorings!

us and Nigel Slater

He and the crew were just so lovely and friendly and we had such a brilliant day! It’ll be on BBC1 sometime in October or November. I’ll of course post the date and links when I know more!

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