Dish is What Makes Life Easy

Hoo, and there goes another 3.5 months without an update, bad us!

But I am happy to report that we’ve had a wedding and honeymoon in the intervening period (remember way back when James proposed right before Hendrik’s 75th birthday party?), so we’ve not been completely sitting on our hands or anything. We had a beautiful, amazing, and wonderful day at Bletchley Park, full of friends and fun and lots of DIY (I did a huge series of posts on my sewing site, about my sewing my gown and all the other DIY stuff!). We even had about 30 people from the moorings at our wedding which just goes to show what a fantastic, close-knit community we’ve been surrounded by in the past three years of boat life!

(Click the image to see more wedding photos!)

We came back from our honeymoon to discover that one of the baby corn plants had grown out of control, too! Seriously, it’s taller than I am, with full tassels and everything! The baby ears it gave up were very tasty.

Corn growing on deck Corn ears Baby corn in my hand

In other gardening news, the episode of Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers with us in it will be the last of the season, airing 22 December at 20:30 on BBC1, so set your recorders!

We are also ridiculously happy to report that our wedding registry was rather, err, unconventional. We didn’t need the normal “couply” kitchen supplies after three years on board Hendrik together (please, no more kitchen supplies!!) and we certainly don’t need any linens or furniture, but what we really, really needed was suplies to build our new bedroom in the front of the boat. So we set up a free (and no fees!) Honeyfund registry and listed all the bits we’ll need, everything from hull grease to battens to celotex to paint to 24v cabling to ethernet faceplates. Plus a dishwasher.

We’re starting the building work when it gets warm in Spring (we’re not wasting time – we’ve got friends working on the CAD drawings and electrical layout already), but we wanted to buy the dishwasher ASAP as the washing up duties were seriously cramping our evenings.

Who knew that Hoover makes a boat-friendly dishwasher? It’s got an A energy rating and only uses 16 litres of water(!!) for a full sized, 12-place setting. Perfect.

So the first step was to remove the old hotel dishwasher that never worked in order to make room for our new one to be delivered. Since this was a “load bearing” dishwasher and half the kitchen rested on it, in our demolition, we discovered an ENTIRE TRAY OF CUTLERY we never knew existed. It was just sat behind the enormous tray of cutlery we’d been using for the past three years. We also discovered that the old dishwasher drained uphill. Seriously.

After the initial shock, this setup actually made sense – we’re below the waterline in the galley, so we’d assumed the old dishwasher drained into the grey tank, to be pumped overboard. But the dishwasher already has a built-in pump, so making the machine do the work and pump the waste water up to the waterline level (about head height in the galley) where it meets the outflow pipe for the upstairs sink and flow overboard by gravity actually makes a lot of sense.

Here’s James installing the new dishwasher. We haven’t put the cutlery tray, cabinet, and microwave back into place above the dishwasher yet so you can see the gravity outflow pipe:

James installing the new dishwasher New dishwasher with hookups New dishwasher

And it works beautifully. We only have to run it once or twice a week, but it really does use a minimal amount of water – way less than the washing machine or even our average half-pressure shower. It’s a good thing it’s tucked away in the galley, though, because she is rather LOUD!

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