Wirebrushing the hull...

I’m not sure how this happened, but we’re over a month behind reality on the blog again, but that’s mostly because we’ve been working on the hull every single weekend so there’s been lots of progress made.

Here you can see some fetching photos of me wirebrushing the hull by hand, with gloves and filter mask:
Melissa wire brushing Melissa wire brushing

We’re doing this by hand because, even though it’s messy and exhausting work, it creates a LOT less mess than wirebrushing by powered drill, and since we only need to remove the loose old paint (not get it down to a clean and virginal state), hand brushing is fine for our needs. But you get so sweaty and covered in rust that a shower is 100% necessary immediately afterwards!

It’s nice to see progress being made, though – you can definitely see the before and after!

Before and after wire brushing Before and after wire brushing
(Hint: The finished panel is on the left, “before” is on the right)

So far we’ve finished the entire port side, half of the starboard side, and so we’ve only got the lower ceiling yet to go. The taller ceiling is in “like new” condition, happily, but more on that coming up…

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 16 August 2011, 13:49 in