Process of Elimination

Our electrical problems are NOT caused by:

  • Grounding out at low tide (because we trip the breaker at high, low and mid tides)

  • The cable (because our neighbour used our cable just fine to power his boat)

  • Bilge water shorting the internal cabling when we move (because we pumped out the bilge to a near-dry state and we’re still tripping out)

So the only other thing we can think to try next is to eliminate the internal cable that runs from the plug on the outside of the boat, down across the bilge and up to the ceramic fuses & such in the under-saloon storage area. It’d only be temporary, but if that works, at least we’d know what the problem IS and not just what it is NOT.

In further plumbing news, James’s dad has worked out that we did not run out of water, but had an air lock, which he was able to clear by releasing some valves. It doesn’t fix our problem of not knowing how to fill the tanks without overflowing into the bilge, but it does delay it a bit, which helps.

And last night we spent our first night on the boat in our final mooring, drinking our reserved bottle of 1999 6 putonyes Tokaji we bought in Budapest last summer specifically for the purpose. The candlelight was electrically, and not romantically, linked.

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 11 April 2007, 10:47 in