We have Electric

Another day down at the mooring for Dad yesterday. I think secretly he really enjoys the chance to get back to his engineering roots. His focus was on the inverter/charger and lo and behold the damn thing was wired backwards. Thanks anonymous 12 years ago Dutch electrician.

It still needs a few bits of work (the flex is fraying and the fan is shot) but the power was on at least from 3:30pm until we left at 10:30 last night so it seems we have found our culprit. Unfortunately so many systems on the boat run from battery that we can’t simply pull it out of the circuit, as we’d lose most of the lighting and the water pressure would go to nothing.

Last night was spent shifting boxes down into the hold, having dinner with our friend Jo and unpacking boxes and boxes full of my kitchen equipment from five years ago. I was absolutely delighted to find all six of my favourite mugs survived intact. Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyles of the modern houseboat owner, I know.

- posted by James O'Brien on 13 April 2007, 12:04 in