A great wardrobe builder

Yesterday morning I got up early, and thanks to Network Rail, arrived in Walthamstow a whopping 90 minutes later. After a quick stockup at the Greatest Turkish Shop Ever I went round to Simon & Caramel’s to borrow their jigsaw and hammer drill for our upcoming demolition work.

I started to use the jigsaw to cut through the bottom bunkbed boards, but soon discovered that I had to unscrew the internal bits of wood first as the blade wasn’t long enough to cut through both. So a whole bunch of unscrewing later, I was finally able to cut through the board, only about an inch or two away from the floor where the blade stopped. Cue much huffing, puffing, putting all my bodyweight against the board until it finally snapped off the last inch. Success! Repeat this for two other rooms (soon-to-be James’s temporary office and my temporary sewing room), and you’ve got a good idea of my afternoon. Plus a short break to replant some herbs in the sunshine, that is.

But now the boards are off, we can actually USE these rooms and start unpacking into them. First up is the last bunkbed room on the right, a strange L-shaped quad room which we’ve always intended to use as a walk-in wardrobe, even after renovations are complete. So I assembled an old hanging rail, covered up the exposed floorboards with a rug, moved in my antique chest of drawers (ebay, several years ago, £5!), and unpacked some clothes and hangers onto it. We’ve got enough space in the other part of the room to put another hanging rail that Jams’s sister is giving us.

New wardrobe with antique chest of drawers and hanging rail Hanging rail with space to the right

I also thought I’d trty to be a bit creative and reuse some of the little metal hooks that were screwed into various bunkbed boards and sink boards, so I thought of attaching them to the wall by the chest of drawers to hang belts, scarves, jewelry, neckties, etc onto to keep out of the way. I only got halfway through before my arm started hurting from all the hand screwing, though (the screws are too small for the power drill).

Reusing hooks in the wardrobe

Today we’re unpacking and reorganising the kitchen, which is no small feat considering the amount of kitchen kit we’ve got between me, James, and Hendrik!

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