Leak, no onions

So now at least we know why the tanks won’t fill. In an effort to understand the setup better I jigsawed up a foot square section of floor this morning to see what’s happening where the deck filler pipe meets the first storage tank (forward on the starboard side). Oh. This is what’s happening:

A suspicious looking pipe joint

I took this after I’d already had a crack at realigning the pipes by hand. The pipe at the top of the picture is the deck filler coming down, and the pipe at the bottom is the filler for the storage tanks. Before I fiddled with them, you’d have seen a good 2mm gap at the right-hand side where the deck filler was misaligned. As you can see, the fit is still wonky. And that’s because of this:

A knackered looking pipe joint

This is shot from underneath. At some point there’s been a big movement and the deck filler (now at the bottom) has cracked open the filler for the storage tanks. I couldn’t feel how far that crack went but it must be at least six inches long, and it hinges off easily. I don’t think we can just tape that up and hope for the best.

Oddly though, this solves another mystery we had: why was the galley full of water when we were at sea? Clearly every time we rolled to starboard water was slopping out of the full tanks into the hold. The floor of the hold is concrete, so it was running backward and into the galley where it slowly drained to the bilge.

Incidentally the tanks are now completely dry, and we’ve got a bloke coming to fit the shower tomorrow morning. Better see if I can find a plumbing supply shop…

- posted by James O'Brien on 21 April 2007, 13:43 in