Stationary sickness

One question we’re often asked is “Do you get seasick at home?”

I’ve never been particularly susceptible to seasickness, though I did have a brief run-in with it on a cruise ship going triple speed through the Gulf Stream, and once on a small boat tour of the Greek Islands. On Hendrik, we’ve both been absolutely fine, though for the first few weeks we found ourselves rocking at our desks at work if we were focusing on something particularly hard (like a computer screen). We’re so used to it now, though, that we don’t even notice the rocking at high tide until visitors comment on it.

One nice side effect, however, is that I’m no longer nauseous when reading in a car or bus. For my entire life, I’d get ill if I read even so much as a paragraph or tried to read a map in a car, but since I’ve lived on Hendrik, I’ve gained the superpower of being able to read full books on the bus in the mornings (though I still look up when the 78 does its S-turn around Aldgate, for safety’s sake!). It’s an incredibly welcome and unexpected perk of living on a boat.

(In other news, there isn’t much news. We’ve been getting on with the mundane unpacking duties that affect all recent movers. Our goal this week is to clear the saloon of all boxes, and we’re about 2/3rds there already.)

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 1 May 2007, 11:22 in