Spring cleaning

As promised earlier in the week, we actually DID clear the saloon of all the boxes, either sorting their contents or putting them into the storage hold. After all the boxes were out of the way, we had enough space to set up two little side tables and move one of the futons up to the saloon to use until the final lounge is complete. It’s actually looking presentable!

We tidied the saloon!

And since I had the day free to DIY my little heart out, I ended up ripping out the first intermediary wall between bunkbed rooms 2 and 3 (now to be called “23”!). I took down the middle section, unscrewing where necessary and using brute force elsewhere. When James got home, he finished the job, taking out the last remaining bits of wall on the sides.

Removal of the first wall in the bunkbed rooms

Now we’ve got a lot of plasterboard and insulation, but not much room to put it, so I then had to dissambe the bunkbeds in yet another room. I feel like I’ve ripped apart so many bunkbeds now I could do it in my sleep! (Which is good, because as soon as we clear up room 23, the double bed is going in! hooray! No more clmibing up to the top bunk in the Captain’s Cabin!)

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