Boat Owner Gift Guide

Perhaps you know someone who owns a boat, and you’d like to buy them a gift for whatever reason – boatwarming, thank you, congratulations, boat’s birthday, whatever. We’ve received two excellent gifts from friends of ours in the past week (a very practical knot-tying book which will hopefully increase our repotoire from just the standard bowline, and matching witty pirate teeshirts which are just plain fantastic), but we still feel the need to guide well-wishers away from the bad boat purchases.

If you ever need to buy a present for a liveaboard, here are some suggestions:

  • DO NOT BUY anything featuring sailboats, fish, or other aquatic motifs. They already live on a boat, they do not need to be reminded of it every time they look at their shower curtain.
  • DO NOT BUY barometers. Trust me, they already have one.
  • DO BUY gifts you would’ve bought if they had instead lived in a flat or house. Just because they live on a boat does not mean they’re a different species.
  • DO ASK if you’re not sure what they want or need. There are a small number of items on casters or rollers which aren’t appropriate for boat life.
  • DO BUY gift certificates to DIY stores or electrical stores or bad-ass power tool and machinery stores. Boats tend to have an even higher quantity of “things wot need fixing” than the standard house or flat.
  • DO BUY booze. We all like booze. The same amount of alcohol makes you feel twice as drunk on a moving boat than you do on dry land.

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 14 June 2007, 14:09 in