Pump and circumstance

Sorry Alex, I should never have doubted you. On Thursday night the water pump failed again and I might have some bad words. Alex had foreseen this, commenting that the cylinder bore was badly worn when we installed the new seal. Indeed it dripped right from the moment we restarted the pump so we knew this was always a race against time. The problem is that this system was never designed to be used on tidal water where the roll angle of the boat can change, and when it runs dry the pump destroys itself in a matter of minutes. We need something better suited to this application.

First of all I looked at marine water pressure systems. I’m sure the Aqua Major AQM6-24 looks great against your solid gold hull and keeps your piped champagne system going for a lifetime. When we do the bathrooms properly we may even splash out on a Twin Max 4+8 not least because it sounds like the most awesome pickup truck you can imagine. Men in the pub would fall to their knees if they heard you talking about the TWIN MAX 4+8 you just bought. But right now the best option is something that can hook up to existing connections and doesn’t incur a six-week wait every time a small piece of plastic wears away.

So moorings superman Nikolaj came over and we spent an hour speccing up an interim solution then tearing all over South East London picking up supplies. Then this evening he spent a couple of hours helping me install it. Well, I say helping, what I mean is installing it while he explained to me how to install it.

But anyway we have gone from old and busted:
The old and busted pump

To the new hotness:
The new hotness pump

Does it work? I dunno, it was low tide when we finished fitting it, so we can’t prime it until we come level again. Although we haven’t fitted it, this pump came with a nice clear filter so we can actually see if water is flowing into it. That will go into the pipework shortly, and we’ll take a nice long cable into the kitchen so we don’t have to traipse up to the wheelhouse every night to switch it on and off. Then hopefully next month Hendrik goes into the yard for more remedial work on the water system (and to have the hot water system installed, bliss!) and we can stop worrying about having to switch it on and off all the time. And maybe even have the occasional shower. I stink.

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