A Fridge Too Far

In the process of setting up the new pump, James and Nikolaj discovered a hidden panel behind the fridges in the galley (conveniently, directly behind the disused fridge). Since two people do not need 3.5 fridges, we hadn’t even turned one of them on and were planning on getting rid of it anyway, so it seemed as good a time as any to get it out of the galley since it was already out of its spot to access the panel.

So Sunday morning James and I measured the fridge, figured out that it would fit up the galley stairs, and if we held it diagonally, fit over the bar and out into the saloon. We got it up the galley stairs without too much trouble, but when it came time to get it over the bar, it just plain. would. not. fit.

So we were faced with several options: We could move the fridge back down into the galley, to be stuck with it forever. We could attempt to take it out the window and risk losing it overboard. Or we could remove a section of the shelving above the bar and hoist it up and over. We chose the latter, and went to town with drills, screwdrivers, and James’s new favourite toy:

Attacking the bar shelving

After a few hot, sweaty minutes, we’d cleared the area and had the fridge (a rather large larder fridge that stands as high as my neck, I might add) up onto the bar and were setting it down in the saloon when disaster stuck.

The fridge slipped and the corner of it landed on my foot at the big toe joint. I was beyond swearing – I was in shrieking banshee land, and I had it elevated and iced for the rest of the day, but it was swelling badly and I couldn’t put any weight on it. The doctors at the Minor Injury Unit at Guy’s Hospital (the one that was closed when we tried to take James there) thankfully told me it’s not broken and I should be fine in a few weeks. Unfortunately this means my running schedule is on hold until it’s healed, but at least I got my 5k triumph in before this!

The worst part is, the fridge is still sat in the saloon while we wait for its new owner to come collect it, and it’s being a bit too smug for my liking!

Smug fridge

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