We're Famous!

A neighbour practically leapt off his boat on Tuesday to show us what was inside this week’s issue of TimeOut London (with Debbie Harry on the cover):

Cover of the TimeOut Waterside London supplement

We couldn’t believe it! Some people wait years to get featured in TimeOut, and here we are, on the cover of their Waterside London supplement, without having done anything at all! We didn’t even know they took the photo, though we can place around when it must’ve been by our proximity to Unitan. The funniest thing is, there’s actually no mention of our mooring in the guide, presumably since it’s not open to the public, but we’re on the cover and there’s a smaller photo inside, too. The guide itself is actually very useful and we’ll be keeping a non-pristine one on hand anyway for those nice weekends when we fancy a stroll along the river…

We’ve contacted TimeOut to see about getting a larger print of the cover suitable for framing, but until then, we’re buying as many copies as we can carry!

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 19 July 2007, 14:12 in