Bedding down

We’ve set a date for our fancy dress pirate boatwarming party, which means we’ve now got a deadline by which we’ve got to clear out all of the little hotel rooms (so we can party in one big open space!). But before we can rip out the remaining hotel rooms, we’ve got to make the captain’s cabin ready for us to live in while the work’s being done up front.

We slept in the bunk beds in the captain’s cabin when we first moved in, but it’s really not that much fun heaving yourself into bed after the first night, and we wanted to be more comfortable if we’re going to be sleeping there for a month or two. We’d already determined that the bunk beds, desk, and storage holds in the bedroom weren’t original, as you can see by the ceiling (and the badly matched 60s plywood patchups) that it used to be two rooms (hence the two sliding doors leading into it) with a shared wardrobe in the middle. We’re very keen to keep everything that is original to 1933, but since the bunk beds weren’t, and we didn’t like them, we decided to rip them out and put a double bed in there.

So here’s a photo from the first viewing of Hendrik showing the bunk beds (with a storage hold at each end) and the port side window:

Captain's Cabin bunk beds at our first viewing

After about an hour with a screwdriver and a crowbar, here’s the view from the lounge, facing the back wall (and behind that 60s plywood is a layer of insulation and then the naked hull), and then another shot showing that same port side window. The top area of striped wood panelling is about a foot further in than the bottom due to the narrow outside walkway above (it appears lighter here but in reality it’s all the same stain apart from the very bottom edge).

Captain's Cabin with no bunk beds! The starboard window in the captain's cabin bedroom plus the original floorboards and hull peeking out

The nice thing in ripping all this out is that we uncovered some of the original 30s floor boards, and even though they’re in need of a good sanding and revarnishing, they’re in excellent shape and should clean up nicely when it comes to renovating the captain’s cabin properly to rent out.

Uncovered original floorboards and corner of the hull in the captain's cabin bedroom

You can also see in the corner how the hull curves up and meets the floor boards – it’s a great feature to look at, but it may mean we have to prop up the other three corners of the bed to get it to lie flat!

(PS: If anyone’s in need of a Playlouder beta invite, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do!)

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