The Pirate YARRty

Saturday was the grand boatwarming pirate party! About a hundred swashbucklers invaded Hendrik for an evening, with only a few landlubbers in attendance (who were not, as advertised, made to walk the plank). It was wonderful that everyone made such an effort in the costumes – the view of Hendrik’s deck full of sneers and skulls and swords and black and gold was truly a sight to behold. Revelling continued until 3:30am and the cruise ship docked in the middle of the Thames didn’t seem too threatened by us at all.

For us, just having the party was a triumph in itself, since it meant we were actually able to clear out enough walls to hold the dancefloor where the hotel rooms used to be! Only three rooms remain for the long winter – my sewing room and the two before it on the port side (being used as a temporary wardrobe for James). Seeing as how we were still ripping out walls and hoovering up insulation and plaster dust a mere 2 hours before guests started arriving, it’s a miracle the party happened at all! We’ve got so much room down there now it’s getting much, much easier to imagine how big the bedrooms and lounge will be when it’s all finished.

Post-party cleanup was made easier from the six stowaways left in the morning (who were rewarded with a fryup of epic proportions), though we seem to have gained a huge quantity of grog and plastic swords. Frankly, I didn’t even know there were six different types of dark rum, but thanks to our generous benefactors, I now have proof. It’s almost so much, we need to have a party to drink the booze from our party.

Photos are still forthcoming (so if you took any, please email them over so we can compile a giant gallery!), but hopefully we’ll have some shots of the cleared “dancefloor” and our new plumbing hotness awfully soon. For now, we’re living in the Captain’s Cabin and making every effort to make that more comfortable both for us and our new (furry) arrival.

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 20 September 2007, 12:45 in