Haven't we been here before?

This story is becoming too familiar now. Since Nikolaj installed the balancing pipe last week we’ve been playing with the water flow, trying to find the right amount of water to hold in the tanks so that we get a decent supply but the tanks don’t crack again.

Trouble is, our tanks are something of a blunt force instrument. We only know when they’re full because the fibreglass begins to bulge upward and lifts a little copper pipe pushed through a hole in the floor. Of course they only bulge upwards when they’re full, and if you fill them when they’re level the port side tanks get a rush of water when we settle and there are a million other reasons why it’s bloody difficult to tell exactly how much water is actually in there already.

Which is how I came face-to-face with a geyser in the storage hold tonight. The force of water had cracked my original repair wide open and there was a six-inch fountain gushing into the bilge. And for once I definitely didn’t say any bad words because I was too busy running to grab the little submersible pump which is fortunately still aboard and shouting to Melissa to yank the hose out of the filler.

Funny thing is, despite the situation looking far worse than last time, we’re actually in much better shape. Because we now have a working pump we were able to open a couple of taps and relieve the pressure on the tanks far quicker than last time, where we were forced to let it trickle out for days on end. The sand beneath the tanks isn’t even waterlogged yet, although I’m hoping when we settle at low tide enough water will settle out that we can pump it clear. In the meantime we’re sat twiddling our thumbs, so I took the opportunity to hack a fortnight’s beard growth off my face. Got to love a crisis that gives you time to shave.

- posted by James O'Brien on 20 September 2007, 23:07 in