Please welcome our new crew member...

Last Friday, somewhat reluctantly, our new morale officer, chief vermin catcher and inspector of impossibly small spaces came aboard. It took a while to persuade him to accept the King’s Shilling, and I have the bite and scratch marks to prove it. Please welcome Bosco!

Bosco in silhouette. Well, to be fair he's ALL silhouette.

His favourite game is Hide And Seek And If At All Possible Do It While James Is Late For Work. His favourite place is inside the box through which the steering chains pass on their way to paw-trappingly tempting pulleys. His favourite food is anything as long as there’s lots of it. His favourite way to scare James to death is to try and climb up the flue for the diesel heater. He’s slowly getting used to people – tonight he came out from behind the washing machine without even being bribed with cat treats – but when he does get a bit of attention he absolutely loves it.

He’ll be living exclusively in the Captain’s Cabin with us for a few more weeks while we get him snipped and chipped, and then we’ll unleash him on the moorings. Our erstwhile nighttime visitor (who I recently discovered is called Bosun) doesn’t know what’s coming to him.

Bosco looking quizzical next to the fridge

Meanwhile, today was a busy one. We cleared off the last skipload of rubbish from the deck – our third – and then spent half an hour taking all the fittings from the old copper piping that’s been torn out during the renovations. Copper’s worth a fortune these days so we’ll be carting it all down to the scrap metal merchant. We redid our ropes, pulled the old diesel stove out of the Captain’s Cabin and added a wireless access point in the wheelhouse so we might be cold in here but we can still check our email. Melissa made applesauce and a lovely crumble.

We’re still collating pirate party photos and we promise to post some soon! If you have any you haven’t sent us, please do send them over – we were too busy being excellent hosts to take any!

- posted by James O'Brien on 29 September 2007, 23:36 in