A Hopper, Skip, and a Pump

(Or is it just in my dad’s world that “hopper” = toilet?)

One major accomplishment James failed to relate in the last update is that our new toilets are now fitted and operational! We had a wide variety of marine toilets to choose from (all with equally amusing names), but to be fair I can’t actually recall which ones we settled on. In any case, they work beautifully and we can now flush toilet paper instead of binning it (ewww!) and they actually do flush, unlike my mom’s horrible experience with the pump-type toilets on our Greek sailing holiday a few years back.

In fact, the toilet control panel we bought is complex enough even with just two buttons to surely mystify guests. We thought that the two buttons would be Big Flush/Little Flush like on European toilets, but when they arrived, we were confused to find the buttons labelled “Before Use” and “After Use”. Hitting the “Before Use” button before #2s fills the bowl so you don’t have the German shelf toilet issues, and the “After Use” button just flushes as you’d expect. Only about 10-15 seconds after flushing, it sends another blast down the pipes which gives you a hearty jolt if you happen to be slow at doing up your fly. Bwahahah!

In skip (translate: dumpster) news: we’re finished! Hurrah! The deck is clear again apart from the plumbing equipment Nikolaj’s still using to finish up the heating, plus the few bits of kit we’re planning on eBaying. So hopefully the skip itself will even be off our deck in a few days’ time…

In pump news: we’re slowly getting used to the eccentricities of our water system and becoming pitch-perfect at detecting the different noises various pumps make. The geyser problem is being averted by filling little and often (once a week or so) until we can get a robust patch, and our water pressure is good in all areas of the boat.

Our new diesel stove for the Captain’s Cabin has been ordered and should arrive in a week or two (now being an extremely popular time of year to buy heaters!). This is replacing the extremely knackered diesel stove that’s already back there, nestled in the marble and tiled fireplace, and is the same dimensions and shape as the one it’s replacing (only it works, and has eons better fuel efficiency!). We could’ve hooked up a radiator from the big system Nikolaj’s installing, but no one makes any that look nice enough to place in a fireplace, so we figured we might as well get something nice enough to keep back there even after the sprucing up. And in the case of its eventual renting, we can keep tabs on how much fuel the lodger uses as it’s on a separate system.

And finally, some photos of the “dancefloor” from our party. The only rooms remaining are the first single rooms by the saloon, and as you walk from the saloon to the front of the boat, rooms 2 and 3 on the left, preserved for the winter as James’s wardrobe and my sewing room, respectively. They, too, will go at some point, but we’ve got to take the rest of the hold down to the bare metal before that point…

View foreward of the dancefloornew dancefloor!
(both views are looking towards the front of the boat)

It feels huge down there, which is really exciting as we walk out where the walls for our lounge, bedrooms, and en suites will be!

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