To Do

We have a sheet of paper on the saloon table which was split in two: one side was To Buy, and the other was To Do. Last weekend we took a streetcar and did one of those “four times a year” shops where we filled the boot full of necessities, so this weekend we were left with the To Do side.

To Do list

We feel pretty good about the amount we were able to cross off, especially since some of those things (like filling the batteries) we should’ve really done months ago. We made a good attempt at finally transferring the diesel from the barrels on deck (still there from the crossing) into the main tank in the engine room. Those much cleverer than us suggested we use the engine to do the pumping for us, so on Saturday we cranked up the ol’ Scania. The intake was from the barrels on deck, with the overflow going into the main tank, with the knowledge that engines of our age end up spitting out a lot more than they actually consume. It was working well, but after an hour we still hadn’t made a dent in our first barrel and a neighbour offered to lend us his 240v fuel pump so we abandoned that until later this week. We must’ve been stopped by at least ten neighbours during that hour, though, commenting on how quiet and throaty it sounded, and that it was good to hear an engine running on the mooring for once. Bosco was not nearly as thrilled with the whole of his world throbbing and purring like some giant cat, however.

We’ve still got a couple things left to do, like list our extraneous LPG boiler and diesel heater and old Kabola stove on eBay (though if you’re interested in any of the above, leave a comment below and we’ll let you jump the eBay queue), but things are feeling pretty good after a productive weekend. And after finally hauling the old copper piping down to the scrap metal yard, we had £50 to go spend on a nice dinner to cap off the weekend, too.

Jack O Lantern on Hendrik

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