Cold Fusion

There’s been some problems with the shore power for the whole mooring so we were left with just our internal 24v system (lights, pumps, exhaust fans, etc) after 9 o’clock last night.

Losing our 240v supply, even temporarily, made us really wish we’d:

a) fixed the generator (the impeller blew on the crossing)
b) figured out how to work the inverter/install the new fuse (so we can convert our 24v battery power to run 240v appliances)
c) devoted last weekend to getting the new diesel stove running

The electricity is apparently back on now but we all have to be careful we don’t blow the element/fuse/whatever again so we have to watch our electricity consumption for the next few days, and no electric heaters has been mandated. This was our sole temporary source of heat until we got the captain’s cabin diesel stove properly plumbed in and/or got the old radiators in the saloon hooked up to the new boiler system, so we’re a bit out of luck for the next few days. Hello sweaters and endless cups of tea!

It was like “pioneer days” last night with snuggling under the duvet with a candle (we had lights in the kitchenette and stairs though, and the galley is entirely batteries and LPG so dinner was fine!). All we needed was a roaring fire and it would’ve been lovely, nay, even romantic!

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 8 November 2007, 12:59 in