Mouldy Oldy

We’ve learned and important (and thankfully, not too expensive) lesson – if you’ve got a wheelhouse above a heated living area with lots of plants aspirating resulting in lots of condensation on the 360 degree single-glazed windows, then you should probably open a window a crack to let the moisture out.

If you don’t, things get mouldy unbelievably quickly.

Ceiling mold in the wheelhouse Midway through cleaning the wheelhouse ceiling mold

We just discovered the mouldy ceiling and beams at the weekend since we hadn’t been up there for a week or so, and after a consultation with my trusty DIY shop man, we spent last evening mould-busting. Luckily, since we caught it early, it was all just sitting on the surface of the wood and paint, so the woodwork could just be gently brushed, and the ceiling just needed a bit of sugar soap and elbow grease. In the second photo above you can see the mouldy streaks after our first pass with the soap and paper towel – a second swipe took it all off.

We’ve got to follow up on Saturday with a bit of revarnishing (as it was only the wood where the gloss had worn away that grew mouldy) and coating the ceiling in B-I-N to hopefully prevent anything further.

This will hopefully knock two tasks off our newest To Do list which is growing steadily longer despite our attempts to keep on top of everything… There simply aren’t enough weekend hours to get everything done, so I’m really looking forward to the summer daylight where we can actually get stuff done in the evenings after work again.

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 30 January 2008, 14:14 in