Our connection with the shore

I had an interesting run-in with the tide when I got to the mooring after work last night. Our berth is half-mud, so when it’s low tide, we sit on the bank at a slight angle, and lift into the water at about half tide. Last night was the first time we’d seen her on the mud since we arrived, and since we’re not in our final spot yet, we still have to climb over the back of another boat to get to ours. And apparently when the boats settled on the mud, they settled slightly too far apart for me to attempt to jump in my heeled boots (I change into wellies and old jeans when I get there, but I was just arriving). So I decamped to a pub to wait for the tide to come in… Usually when the boats are a bit too far apart you can just pull on the rope and move them close enough to leap, but even my beefy arms can’t move a boat that’s sat on the bottom!

So after an hour or so we returned with a few friends who took away the first two canoes (two canoes between three people meant they walked in a line with the middle man holding an end of each!) and then James finished his work on the shore power lead with most of the work occurring inside the collar barge where the lead plugs in on the shore end (the plug’s too big for the hole so you have to feed the cable through and attach the plug once inside). Since the connection on our boat was 3 phase and the shore power was one phase, we had only a 30% chance of picking the right “live” cable, so there was a bit of a drumroll as we moved the main power switch inside to “shore”.... and then the hum of the fridge came on! Jubilation and victory cups of tea from the electric kettle! I’m so proud of James, though he’s still muttering that his wiring isn’t top-notch and he should redo parts of it…

The tide is such that we’d have to wait until 9pm to get on the boat tonight and since we have to leave around 10:30ish to get back to Upminster, we’re just crashing and having an early night tonight, and we’ll go down early on Saturday now that we have power to run the angle grinder and charge the power drill, so fingers crossed for completely unboarded windows soon!

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 30 March 2007, 12:19 in