Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Saturday was quite the busy day – after a very late night seeing Eddie Izzard at a secret work-in-progress show, we got up early and painted the wheelhouse ceiling to protect against further mould and mildew. Keeping one window open a crack wasn’t quite enough to stave of condensation, though, and I had to brush some new growth off the ceiling beams before starting, but opening two windows seems to be doing the trick. I first coated the wooden beams and the portions of the wheel where the varnish had worn away over time with a new coat of outdoor clear varnish and then painted the B-I-N onto the white ceiling portions. I must remember to stir paint instead of just shaking it next time in order to avoid the first coat being thin and the last being the consistency of peanut butter.

We finished that in time to get to the West End for some birthday drinks, then finally went rather far upstream on the Thames to visit friends of ours who purchased their Luxemotor a few months ago. Theirs is of similar age (1931) and size (30m x 4.5m) to ours so it was really nice to see all the similarities and differences in layout. The captain’s cabin on theirs had the most similarities, right down to having the same design of door handle as Hendrik! It was also nice to share tips and techniques that only other boat owners would care about and to get out to see how a different mooring operates.

We picked up a grand tip in the use of Celotex insulation, but now we’re starting to have TOO many insulation choices for remodelling the hotel room space and we’re not quite sure which is best. Alongside the Celotex, there’s also Thinsulate (easy and mess-free to install, but doesn’t form a moisture barrier apparently), spray foam (which creates a chemical bond to the hull, stopping moisture, but is very messy and requires professional installation and all the conduits laid out in advance), and then there’s this Thermalite insulating paint which I just found out about which almost seems too good to be true (two coats of paint and it’s insulated with a moisture barrier). What we’d love to do is get samples of all four and try them out for ourselves, but I’m guessing it’s going to be difficult and expensive so we’ll have to rely on others’ recommendations, like most of our other boat supplies thus far.

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