Back in action

It must be the hint of Spring in the air, because we got more accomplished this weekend than we have in the last 6 months combined.

Saturday began early with a bit of art terrorism for James and some giant fender maintenance for Melissa, and then followed a massive quarterly shop at Costco to stock up for the charity dinners. We also made a whirlwind shop through B&Q (for some mains electrical bits to enhance the captain’s cabin) and Ikea (for some baskets for the captain’s cabin bedroom’s new shelf and a stepstool). We were no sooner back home for an hour before we were called in to help push-start a neighbour’s car (success!) and we finished up the various household duties (recycling, rubbish, cleaning, the loads of laundry – the usual) before collapsing into bed.

Sunday began with another early start, where we collectively accomplished the following:

  • tied up the errant live electrical cables in the hold so we could then pry up the rest of the floor to patch the (yet again) leaking water tank
    Exposed the water tank and patched it
  • cleaned out the filter on our water pump (better the debris be in there than in our glasses!)
  • stained and assembled our new stepladder, intended for access to the wheelhouse from the captain’s cabin entranceway
    stained a stepstoolBuilt a stepstool
  • cleaned out the captain’s cabin fridge, because it was beginning to reek
  • tidied the half-height storage area under the wheelhouse, and moved the patio furniture to the calorifier cabinet instead
    Tidied the half height storage area
  • assembled the boxes for the captain’s cabin bedroom and transferred our smalls inside, and removed the rolling drawers to the other side
    Boxes in the captain's cabin bedroom
  • removed the ugly motion sensor in the captain’s cabin saloon
    Removed ugly motion sensor
  • attempted to create a new coax extension to place the TV aerial in the wheelhouse (unfinished)
  • cooked an excellent meal and Melissa also sewed up a new shirt

We’ve really only got the galley steps as the last big task still on our list so hopefully we’ll have a pretty relaxing few weekends ahead of us!

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 10 March 2008, 11:34 in