Snow Way!

The first indication that anything was out of the ordinary was when we woke up on Sunday morning to see the skylight above our bed was covered in snow. For the first time in several years, central London had snow that actually stuck, even though it was under an inch in our area. Bad luck it had to happen in April, though, after the coldest, wettest summer on record and a very long, cold winter.

This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen snow settle on Hendrik, though – last January we had to drive a carload of navigational gear to Hendrik’s old mooring in Holland in advance of the crossing, and our one night spent on the saloon floor coincided with a near blizzard in eastern Holland!

April snow on Hendrik

Snow on Hendrik's ropes

Snowy footprints

It may be snow in April but still, at least it covers up the rust spots! (No, really, the exterior paint job is one of the big reasons we really want it to warm up soon!)

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 7 April 2008, 21:39 in