The first charity dinner

On Saturday evening we hosted the first charity dinner aboard Hendrik in aid of the RNLI (Royal Lifeboats). Luckily we had an easy start as it was only a seating for one, Alex, who was helping us out all weekend anyway, and didn’t mind sharing the table with the hired help!

First RNLI charity dinner

The dinner consisted of three courses and drinks, and he was very pleased with the standards of cuisine (the plates were literally licked clean!).

The Menu!

Bistro Hendrik in support of RNLI

Dinner seating
Saturday 26 April 2008

Salad of freshly smoked halloumi cheese, wild Thames rocket, and organic Sicillian blood oranges

Alphonso mango chicken
Canadian wild rice
Pan fried organic bok choi

Casillero de Diablo cabernet sauvignon
Australian Pino Grigio
San Miguel, Staropramen, Ales
Bottled cider
Still or sparkling water
A selection of juices and soft drinks

GeleƩ of fresh lemon and Thames lavender

English breakfast or Lady Grey tea
A selection of herbal teas
A selection of liqeurs
Pedro Ximinez dessert wine

We’ll be open for seatings until May 26, so there’s still time to book (via the comments) or just donate using the widget on the right. All the donations go directly to volunteer training at our local centre, which is the one on the Embankment in central London.

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