Scrapes and scratches

I spent most of Saturday on the toilet.

No, don’t worry, there was no gastrointestinal distress – I was sat on the toilet in the captain’s cabin with a chisel, scraping away the horrible beige textured wallpaper that the previous owners seemed to love. The same paper covers the toilet, shower, and kitchenette area in the captain’s cabin. It makes sense in the shower since it repels water pretty well, but elsewhere it’s just nasty and constantly grimey, so off it’s coming!

Captain's Cabin toilet wall before and after

Unfortunately scraping off the vinyl (backed by a thin layer of styrofoam, charming) was really hard, slow work due to the glue, and it didn’t reveal anything particularly beautiful underneath that wall. And with the waterproof vinyl plus the thickness, I seriously doubt any wallpaper stripping equipment would’ve helped at all…

Captain's Cabin toilet wall stripped bare Captain's Cabin toilet wall from inside

We also went and got LPG refills on Saturday morning, meaning that 2 19kg cannisters (£30 each) lasted us 8 months, which isn’t too bad considering that’s ALL our cooking (and we like to run that massive industrial oven an awful lot) power during that time. The delivery schedule from our preferred shop (Johnny’s DIY on Deptford High Street) was a bit thrown off for the bank holiday, but we convinced our lovely neighbour to take us down instead. And James found a few more bits of the deck that needed grinding, and then we topped off the day with an impromptu barbecue with our neighbours. Not too shabby!

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 26 August 2008, 11:38 in