Indoor progress

We’ve been pretty good over the last few weekends about getting small but important tasks done inside the boat (since the weather is yet again WET. I’d love to see a count of exactly how many dry Saturdays there were in 2008!).

Last weekend we put up some ghetto double glazing on the Captain’s Cabin windows, as well as the little skylight in the bedroom. You know the stuff – double-sided sticky tape around the rims, cut plastic sheeting to fit, then you get out the hair dryer to shrink it. At £4 it was worth a try anyway, and it does seem to have made a bit of a difference in the draftiness and general cold seepage, and it’s really difficult to tell it’s there unless you’re looking for it.

Bosco by plasticked window Plastic covered bedroom skylight

Also in the Captain’s Cabin, we’ve:

  • Added a fleece blanket to the curtain to stop our hot air seeping up into the wheelhouse

  • Transformed the end-of-the-bed cabinets into a functioning wardrobe despite its weird, triangular space

  • Dismantled the desk at the end of the bed in preparation for one of the plinth heaters (which have arrived! hooray!)

  • Measured said space for plinth building at the foot of the bed and also in the kitchenette

And in the rest of the boat:

  • Strung out our fairy lights and had our lighting up party

  • Stopped the calorifier cabinet from leaking at low tide and high rainfall, and bled the calorifer

  • Re-measured our skylight distance in light of our friend Sue’s CAD drawings of our hotel room renovations (very exciting! We’ll post those when they’re finished.)

  • Measured James’s temporary wardrobe against the bed base in preparation for a very-temporary bedroom so we can start renting out the Captain’s Cabin

  • Set up a new internet-games-tv station in the saloon:
    G5 saloon setup

  • Decorated for Christmas, complete with a newly-crafted Bosco tree topper:
    Christmas tree 2008

  • And, finally, last night we relied on the kindness of our neighbours in something akin to an Amish barn raising. Truly we are surrounded by the best people ever.

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