Automatic for the people (and cat)!

Not only do we have a warm saloon, but now we have an automatic and thermostat controlled warm saloon!

We always had a thermostat controller from when Nikolaj installed the boiler, but the electrical cable was only long enough to reach a few feet into the galley, where it’s WAY too cold to act as a regulator for the saloon (really, it’s cold enough for our olive oil to congeal down there). We were just turning the radiator on manually when we went over to the saloon, but it takes a while to warm up so it wasn’t really ideal.

So James got a long length of electrical cable from Maplin, disconnected the old cable in the engine room, had a bit of a think about life and death, and asked me to get the multimeter. Having decided that the box was indeed live, we unplugged the mains, tested it again (to make sure it wasn’t also inverted), then James hooked up our new cable into the box, then fed it through the engine room wall where I pulled it through from the galley and ran it up the stairs to the saloon wall. James then connected the new cable to the thermostat (he’s definitely the wire-handy one in this relationship!), we hung it on the wall, and plugs the mains back in…

…and hurrah! We now have a saloon radiator that comes on in the morning and again in the evening, keeping the temperature about 5 degrees (regardless of time) and shuts off if it reaches 15 degrees (we optimistically set it for 20 degrees then realised it never actually reaches that, what with the huge, single glazed windows, and 15 was comfortable enough). It’s such a luxury to eat breakfast without seeing my breath!

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 18 December 2008, 16:33 in