The winter garden

In amongst all our DIY (which we’ve been too busy to document in any timely fashion, sorry!), I’m very happy to report that my broccoli experiment has been a success! They’ve survived shallow soil (via a box on deck), caterpillar attacks, and an awfully cold winter to now sport wonderful “broccoli-looking things” on top! Yum!

Purple sprouting broccoliTiny sproutlets

Even the very small plants have now got tasty purple sprouting broccoli at their tips, so we’ll have a fine feast at some point this week! As you can tell by my deplorable lack of vocabulary, I am not a seasoned gardener of any sort. I tend to go by the “stick it in the ground and see what happens” school of thought, and it wasn’t until midway through last year that I searched the internet and discovered you have to let broccoli live an entire year before you can eat it…

So round about December I finally planted some daffodil bulbs I found at What!!! for £1 (no, really, the shop really is called that, with three exclamation points), which have now blossomed into my all-time favourite flower, just in time for my birthday next week!

Daffodils in wheelhouse

More on last weekend’s crazy DIY-a-thon once we get some photos…

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