Yesterday was my birthday, which means that it’s also been exactly two years since Hendrik arrived in London from her perilous journey across the North Sea. Two years sounds like such a short time when you say it aloud, but it feels so much longer when we think about how much it feels like home, both on the boat and the moorings.

We’re not anywhere near as far along with the renovations as we hoped to be, but we’re taking things at our own paces and doing things right, replacing dying systems with quality that should last us for a very long time. We’re still looking at a rough ten year estimate to fully finish everything and rename her back to the original “Tijdgeest” (“zeitgeist” in English), though.

And it also means we’re only three years away from paying her off now, which should accelerate matters. :)

- posted by Melissa Fehr on 26 March 2009, 16:29 in