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Heh heh heh. I happen to be one of the lucky few to own the Broken Movie. You know, the NIN video that is EXTREMELY close to being a snuff film? Well, I've decided to do the world a favor and share some of this video with the rest of this pathetic, NIN denied society. Enjoy!

OK, the movie is overall a bad quality one, but it's probably just from being copied thousands of times to sell to shmucks like me who put out the $15 for it. Anyway, it starts out with a scan of a normal suburb, and as the car which is filming pulls into a driveway, it focuses on one guy standing in the driveway, whom we soon know as "the victim" of this family film. Then it cuts away again to some guy being led to be hanged, which takes about 30 seconds, and then the real fun begins!
First is the video for Pinion, which I'm sure everyone has seen part of. It was ripped off for the beginning of Alternative Nation, with the camera following the toilet flush. Well, here it goes a little further. It follows the flush the whole way down, right into a guy's mouth who was taped and chained. Hey, what do you expect for such a short song? Then we see our torturer friend, and his new found victim, "getting to know each other." And to break the ice, he makes him watch NIN videos. Sort of sounds like my last party. Hmm... So we see the Wish video, a black and white, blurry fast moving video. The premise is simple- Trent and Co. are in a circular cage (sort of like those ones the motorcycle people ride in at the circus). And the crowd is foaming at the mouth outside. Play a little music, scream a little song, break a couple instruments--and then the crowd overtakes the cage and Trent is...(Acually, we don't know. The video ends)
Ok, so we're back to Torturer and Victim again, and this time he just rips out a couple teeth with a wrench. And then we're back to the videos again. (And Help I'm in Hell really sucks, it's just a blank screen for the whole time. I usually just fast-forward through it.) Oh, and also, the Torturer has on some sort of distorting mask for most of the movie (I'm not sure, but it may be made of human skin- who knows?) Ok, so next we see a black and white screen (do I sense a theme here?) and the video for Happiness in Slavery has begun. It's this big machine with all sorts of pistons grinding and Trent screams the first verse from some sort of confession-booth thing. Pretty cool. But when the chorus comes up, the plot thickens *ooh*. We see an older guy walk into this room with a reclining metal chair in it, and place a flower in a vase and light a candle near this shrine or something. Then he undresses and cleanses himself with a rag and stands in front of a mirror. But his reflection turns into an older version of himself, who eventually rots and fades away (shouldn't this be some sort of warning to this guy?) From there he walks to the center of the room where a large metal chair(almost a table in the outline of a person) lies. He gets in, and instantly the chair-machine comes to life. Shackles come over his hands and feet, holding him the chair, and little knives come out of the shackles and pierce his hands at each knuckle. And then right when the drum section of the song starts, a little three-pronged machine hand that's hooked to a mechanical arm comes out, and begines to pluck the skin on his chest and stomach, and the guy is really enjoying it, almost getting off on it. In fact, this little "hand" gets bolder, and starts to pull his testicles and then his penis, meanwhile getting deeper and deeper into its probing of the rest of his body. It even starts to draw blood, and now starts to pull out body parts (it looks like an intestine or something, who knows?). But the guy is clearly not liking it now, and suddenly a drill comes out of nowhere and starts in on the guy. I mean, this machine is getting medieval now, and blood is dripping down onto some white lilies below the machine, almost making a pretty picture out of everything. But not quite, because soon his entire body is mutilated, and the machine closes up around him. We think this is the end, but then ground meat comes out of a hole in the bottom. I actually liked the irony of this, because how many times have you sat down to a cafeteria burger and wondered where it came from? But I digress. The chair is opened up and is miraculously clean again, and a fine young gentleman Trent walks into the room, places a flower, and lights a candle.
We barely have time to digest the immensity of Happiness in Slavery before the beautiful notes of Gave Up filter into this wonderful video. It starts with a pan of an open freezer with a dead body, and then during the chorus, it switches back to our Torturer friend (Ah, we have missed him so!). Now he has his friend strung up like a hog on a meatrack, and systematically strips him, cuts him with a razorblade, cuts off his penis, drinks the bloody fount, and taunts him with a blowtorch (Ah, how he loves to play with his food). But we are soon whisked off to the world of the rotting corpse again, where now a crowd has gathered around the outside of the house. Mr. Officer, who has seen many things on duty, cannot even hold his stomach as he looks at the corpse. But once again, we meet up with our charismatic Torturer, who has the corpse(I'm not really sure if he's totally dead now)on the floor, and to our surprise (maybe we shouldn't be surprised anymore) he whips out a chainsaw, yes, chainsaw, and chops off various appendages as he swings it through the air. This isn't enough, so Mr. Torturer gets up close and personal, nuzzling the body and kissing it. But all good things must come to an end, and Mr. Torturer understands this, because he starts to go after what he really wants. So he cuts open the chest cavity, but all we really see is blood, and reveals a heart underneath. Then the heart is taken in ritual fashion to the warrior's mouth, who gladly feasts in the harvest.

I took all of the pictures, and wrote the entire commentary, over a long and painstaking period of time. So if you see this stuff anywhere else, please tell me, because dammit, they stole it!
The Broken Quiz is Over.
It really has been over for a long time, actually. I've devoted my entire trivial interests into the Ultimate NIN Quiz at trivial pursuits, which not only contains many more questions than the broken quiz, but is in an easier format, and is much more interesting. Oh, and there's no prize. But I promise an optical delight at the end.

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